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Aladdin Eye Lite

About Eye Lite

The Eye lite is a small high quality performance LED light with an integrated battery for a runtime of up to 2 hours.

The Eye lite comes in three different versions, daylight, tungsten or RGB.

The quality of the light is outstanding with a very high CRI and TLCI. (95)

The Eye lite has an integrated micro USB plug for charging. It comes with an integrated dimmer which enables you to dim the light from 5-100%. The Eye lite housing is made out of aircraft grade aluminium.

The Eye light has been developed for many different applications like an on board light or as the name says a little eye light to create a reflection in the eye. Many people use it as a practical light to hide in furniture, shelves or in lamps. It can be used in narrow spaces like cars, elevators or inside products for product photographers.


The Eye light integrated battery gives you a runtime for over 2 hours and can easily be recharged over any USB charger with a micro USB plug. It can also be used with a mobile phone back up battery.

In the box
1x Eye light
1x USB cable



Colour temp:                   3000°K or 5600°K
CRI:                                 3200°K= 98RA 5600°K= 95RA
Control:                          Dimming (5% – 100%)
Battery:                          3,7V Runtime 2 hours
Housing material:         Aluminium 6061 T6 (Aircraft grade)
Cooling:                          passive cooling

Aladdin eye lite Daylight front Aladdin eye lite daylite on camera Aladdin Eye lite front tungsten in tilt holder Aladdin eye lite tungsten front and back Four piece holder (1) Four piece holder (2) Hot shoe IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5564 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 Magnetic stud Phone clip