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FABRIC LITE Kit (200W Bi-Color) 90cm x 90cm










This KIT Includes:

FBS200BIKITVM FABRIC Kit (200W Bi-Color Panel ) Dimmer unit with V-Mount and Header cable
FBS2035FRKIT Frame Kit for FB2035 include Difuser and Grid


The all new FABRIC-LITE. This innovative new variable bi-color fabric system, as the name implies, is completely flexible, foldable and offers great flexibility for transport. Mounting options for the FABRIC-LITE are virtually limitless, including all types of butterfly, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to the integrated Velcro and grommets. Each 3×3-foot fabric panel can be used separately, or combined with others to create panels as large as 12×12 feet.

The new Aladdin FABRIC-LITE is like no other light you’ve ever used. Once you’ve tested it out, you won’t want to use anything else.



Light source Super high CRI Power LED’s 200W
Color temperature 2850k ~ 6098k
Beam angle 140°
Cooling Passive
Material Fabric
Dimension 900mm X 900mm
LED Array 24 X 30

















Fabric Lite In Use









































Please keep below things in mind before using the product and if you have a problem please get in touch with store or warranty service number

– Do not use near flammable’s and heater

– Do not use long hours in rain or places where the product may get wet

– Do not expose to direct sunlight

– Use the product only in the temperature range from -10℃ to 40℃

– Keep out of infants

– Do not touch with wet hands





We offer a one-year free warranty period after purchased and you can continually get a warranty service with extra charge after expired free warranty period

We do not guarantee the service for free of charge in case of below even though it is within free warranty period

– Product failure due to consumer negligence

– Product failure due to power trouble that we did not allow

– Product failure due to disassembling by unofficial facilities that we did not allow

– Product failure due to natural disaster